February 12, 2020

A happy wife is a happy life

A happy wife is a happy life

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

It was a beautiful day during a short-lived fall season in North Dakota when Carl (C. John) Anderson became captured by the sight of a girl he’d never seen before.
“I was coming home from a basketball game and saw Violet walking with a friend from the softball field,” says C. John.
The two teenagers were just freshmen in high school when the spark of puppy love began.
“I had to have her, she was beautiful,” smiled C. John as he looked over to his wife of over 60 years.
While the couple have resided on C. John’s original homestead for over six decades, they’re able to look back on their many years of experiencing life together.
“I was excited to get my driver’s license so I could see him,” grinned Violet.

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