March 11, 2009

A salute to everyday heroes

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

What comes to mind when you think of heroes? Is it Superman, your family doctor, local law enforcement, a coach, or are they all heroes in your mind?
To the members of the Watford City Figure Skating Club (WCFSC) they’re all heroes, and in an effort to salute heroes, big and small, the WCFSC is presenting Everyday Heroes, a salute to the heroes among us.
“This year’s ice show will honor our doctors, nurses, law enforcement personnel and emergency services personnel,” says Pam Ramage, WCFSC vice president. “We will also be honoring some super heroes and other heroes that the kids have.”
Skaters will be dressed to impress in sequins, sparkles and of course, lots of color.
“This year’s costumes are really fun,” adds Ramage. “We have skaters dressed like nurses, highway patrol officers, baseball players, and many other heroes.”
Figures skaters as young as four years old up to age 18 have been working hard since their season began in November, and this weekend’s show is their chance to show off all of the new moves they’ve learned this season.
“We have several skaters who have advanced two or three levels since last year,” comments Ramage. “The crowd can expect to see some great performances including double jumps and axels from some of the advanced skaters.”
The two-hour show will include group numbers from the Basic Skills skaters and the Advanced skaters as well as individual routines and dance routines from the Advanced skaters.
“Our youngest group beginning at age four will be dressed as little nurses. These little girls are sure to be a crowd favorite,” says Colene Ninneman, WCFSC Basic Skills assistant. “Each year our show is different, with new skill levels, routines and songs.”
This ice show will be the last club performance for the group’s two seniors, Kira Stenehjem and Zane Frick. Both skaters have been with the club since they were four years old.
“It’s pretty hard to imagine being at the end because I have been with this club for 14 years,” says Stenehjem. “I’m looking forward to skating with the other Advanced skaters again. It will be a good ending to my senior year as a skater.”
Stenehjem will be performing three individual routines including one brand new routine which she will perform for her first time during the show. Along with group performances she will also participate in the Dance Solos portion of the show.
“Being a part of this club has meant a lot to me,” says Stenehjem. “I have accomplished a lot through skating and I plan to continue skating and look forward to coaching one day.”
Zane Frick will also be performing individual and group routines during the show.
“One of my routines is kind of a good-bye routine and the other is a salute to everyone who encouraged me throughout my skating career,” says Frick.
After high school, Frick will continue skating with the Fargo/Moorhead skating club while he attends college at North Dakota State University.
“It is exciting to be a senior and skating my last show with the WCFSC, but it is also sad,” says Frick. “I have mixed emotions about leaving here, but it is very exciting to be moving on to the next venture in my life.”
The Ice Show is sure to be a fun and memorable time for everyone, especially the senior skaters.
“I’ve had a lot of memorable moments throughout my skating career,” comments Frick. “However, one of my most memorable moments will come during a surprise at this year’s Ice Show.”
The club will present two shows, Saturday, March 14 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 15 at 4 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5 per person or $20 per family. Those children five and under are free.