May 9, 2023

Alexander Public School District to start daycare facility

Alexander Public School District to start daycare facility

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

Alexander Public School District secured funding from the McKenzie County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to help start a temporary daycare in Alexander.
On Tuesday, May 2, Shannon Faller, for the grades 6-12  in Alexander, gave a presentation to the BOCC to discuss the need for a daycare, the planned scope of the daycare, and the struggles that the lack of child care has had on employees and filling employment vacancies in the district.
“I’m here to request supplemental funding for a temporary daycare facility to be operated by the Alexander School District. Currently, there is one daycare facility in Alexander Community, for which there is a 27-child wait list, and some aren’t even born yet,” Faller said. “So as we fill our positions within our district, the daycare is one of the number one reasons why we are unable to fill those positions. There’s no daycare available.”

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