August 23, 2016

Another enrollment record

Another enrollment record

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Ask any school administrator what they like to see when it comes to enrollment trends and the most common response is, “slow and steady.” And for Steve Holen, McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 superintendent, who has seen his district’s enrollment nearly quadruple in the last six years, this year’s record enrollment numbers are finally starting to reflect that slow and steady growth trend.
“On our second day of classes on Aug. 19, we had a record 1,448 students enrolled in the district’s three schools,” states Holen. “Last year at this time, we had 1,354 students, which was also a record at that time.”
Considering the slowdown in the oilfield in western North Dakota, Holen is pleased to see the district’s enrollment numbers continue their upward trend.

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