May 2, 2017

Badlands Arts Showcase back with more in 2nd year

Badlands Arts Showcase back with more in 2nd year

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Brilliant photographs of rural churches sat across from upcycled guitars as other vibrant artworks lined the main hallway of Watford City High School.
Attendees chatted with neighbors and artists at the Long X Arts Foundation’s second annual Badlands Arts Showcase last week, celebrating local arts of the McKenzie County region, including dance, music and visual works.
Pencil artist Rhonda Whited was one of those on display, showing her works featuring cowboy images and wildlife.
She’s done pencil art for years, since her formative schooling. A friend recently returned from Africa with wildlife photos Whited said she can’t wait to work off of.
She grew up on a Sidney, Mont., cattle ranch with a country school and Christian upbringing, she said, thankful for events like the Badlands Arts Showcase and the opportunity it provides for small communities.
“I love it,” Whited said, standing before her pencil work of actor Sam Elliot. “This is wonderful. I love being asked to this.”

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