May 2, 2018

Bowling alley coming soon to Watford City

Bowling alley coming soon to Watford City

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

Gary Schwartzenberger has long had the dream of building a bowling alley and family fun center in Watford City. And last Friday, during a kickoff party at the Rough Rider Center, those dreams took one step closer to becoming a reality as he officially announced that construction of the new facility would begin in less than a month.
“We are excited about this, and want to get the community excited as well,” states Schwartzenberger.
With plans completed and builders set to move forward, Schwartzenberger says he hopes to be digging footings soon. His long-term hope, however, is that this will be a place for families and teens to come and hang out.
Schwartzenberger is teaming up with a Marine friend of his to do this project. Together they, with the desire of creating a safe and fun space for families in mind, plan to give the family fun center a superhero theme.
“We are calling it Lois Lanes,” states Schwartzenberger. “After my mother, whose name is Lois. But also after Lois Lane, Superman’s girlfriend.”

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