September 25, 2019

City approves $56 million budget

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Watford City taxpayers won’t be seeing too much of an increase in their taxes as the Watford City City Council approved a $56,868,421 budget for 2020, which is an increase of $4.3 million from last year’s budget.
And Watford City taxpayers will get by pretty cheaply as they will only be asked to fund $1,214,691 of the entire budget through the city’s mill levy.
“We basically adopted the same budget as last year and the year before,” says Curt Moen, city administrator.
But that doesn’t mean that the city isn’t planning to invest millions of dollars of improvements in the community.
“For the city, between $10 and $12 million worth of building projects are set for next year, Moen says, “some of which will be dependent upon Gross Production Tax (GPT) funding.”
Among the new major projects being planned for next year, according to Moen, are a new daycare and the paving of gravel roads in the city’s ETA.
“It’s going to boggle minds on the number of growth projects we have planned for next year. All the new stuff happening is because of the city’s growing population,” Moen says. “And that is why the building of a new daycare is important.”

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