March 2, 2011

City Council terminates city engineer

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, the Watford City City Council held a special meeting asking Lowell Cutshaw, city administrator/engineer, for his resignation. And then 24 hours later, the council met again in a special meeting. This time, by a unanimous vote, the council terminated Cutshaw.
“The recent resignations of two public works staff necessitated the action,” stated Brent Sanford, Watford City mayor. “The resignation of Jim Johnsrud as public works superintendent pushed the need to look at reorganizing the department.”
While Sanford would not elaborate on the city council’s reasoning for asking for Cutshaw’s resignation and ultimately terminating him, he stated the city’s public works department will continue to operate efficiently while the search for new staff continues.
“We’ve very lucky to have our current public works employees who have the experience that they have,” stated Sanford. “The water will still flow, the garbage will be picked up and the snow will be moved.”