October 11, 2022

Community blood drive sees big turnout

Community blood drive sees big turnout

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Acts of service come in many different forms and giving blood is one of them. Last week, 80 members of the community went to the Watford City Civic Center and gave blood for the sake of saving lives.
“I like you,” said a phlebotomist with Vitalant to Susan Lee, who was donating O-positive blood which can be used universally.
After Lee’s husband got her back into giving blood in the 1990s, she says she’s done it ever since.
“I have one of the ones they like to take,” she smiled of having universal blood. “But they probably like all of them.”
Having given blood 49 times now, Lee says she’s had to block a number a time or two.

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