February 24, 2010

Company finds what it likes in Watford City

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

With increased interest and drilling into the Bakken and Three Forks formations, residents of McKenzie County have become accustomed to seeing oil field businesses and families moving into the area. However, in addition to oil field workers, the boom has also brought construction companies to the area for temporary work, with one company deciding to make Watford City its new home.
Cascade Homes Incorporated, formerly of Bozeman, Mont. began working on a housing project in Watford City in 2008. And since then, the company has decided to make Watford City its new home.
“We’ve been researching the area for the past couple of years,” says John Dunlap, Cascade Homes CEO. “Watford City is centrally located in our area of business and it is a great community. Plus we are fortunate enough to have some family ties to the area. So we decided the time and community were right for the move.”
In 1996, beginning with the simple vision of providing well crafted and affordable homes, Cascade Homes was founded on the core values of quality and service. The company has since expanded to include full community developments to create a home buying experience unlike any other. Backed by years of experience and a dedicated team, Cascade Homes boasts that it produces quality homes and lasting relationships with its customers.
“We will continue to have projects in different areas throughout the region, but our home office and shop will be in Watford City,” states Dunlap. “I’m living in Watford City 60 percent of the time right now and we have two shop buildings going up east of town.”
Dunlap plans to make the move permanent sometime in March when his wife and three children move from Bozeman.
“In addition to myself and my family, the company will have five employees and their families moving here as well,” adds Dunlap. “In order to manage our current projects, we will also be hiring some additional employees once we get settled in Watford City.”
When Dunlap began his first construction job in Watford City, he had no intention of moving the company or his family to the area. But the progressiveness of the community changed that.
“My wife visited Watford City as a child, and from her memories of the area, it was not a place that we ever wanted to live,” comments Dunlap. “The community today is much different than her memories. We have both been very impressed at how much the community has changed and its desire to grow.”
Fortunately, because his company is just finishing a housing project, Dunlap and his family will be one of the few families to move into the community that isn’t going to have a difficult time finding a place to live.
Cascade Homes recently completed six town homes in Watford City, with four of them being sold and two being kept for the company’s housing needs. In addition, the company has also started working on a second housing project in town which will include 24 town homes in a 12-unit building. The rental homes are intended to be extended stay units that will be fully furnished with appliances and furniture. The town homes will have two bedrooms plus a two-car garage and patio.
Cascade Homes hopes to be fully moved to Watford City by the end of March.