September 12, 2018

County gets closer to decision on live streaming meetings

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

For well over a year, the McKenzie County Board of County Commissioners has bantered about over the merits of live streaming their meetings. But during their Sept. 4 meeting, commissioners seemed to be making headway into finally approving a system that will provide the general public with the opportunity to watch the proceedings from a computer.
While all of the commissioners seem to be in agreement on the merits of live streaming their meetings, there are a couple of issues that are sticking points. And those issues are whether or not the meetings should be recorded and, if so, how long should those recorded meetings be retained and be available for public review.
“For full transparency, I would like the meetings recorded and kept forever,” stated Kathy Skarda, commissioner. “The minimum time that I’d like to see them kept is one year.”

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