November 24, 2020

County sees oil production jump by 3 million barrels

County sees oil production jump by 3 million barrels

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

While North Dakota’s oil production grew by five percent and gas production increased by seven percent in the month of September, virtually all of that growth came from McKenzie County wells according to statistics from the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources.
During September, McKenzie County saw its oil production climb to 15,576,244 barrels, an increase of just over one million barrels. In comparison, the state only saw its total oil production increase by 523,535 barrels to 36,6489,997 barrels.
McKenzie County’s 4,491 producing wells accounted for all of the state’s natural gas growth during September. During the month, the county saw its natural gas production increase by just over three million mcf to 44,996,885 mcf. Overall, North Dakota’s natural gas production increased to 84,409,981 mcf, an increase of 2,717,239 mcf.
But according to Lynn Helms, North Dakota State Mineral director, he expects to see the state’s production numbers start to decline.

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