January 10, 2017

Couple survives winter blizzard in ‘Christmas miracle’

Couple survives winter blizzard in ‘Christmas miracle’

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Adam Zurcher says it’s a Christmas miracle his family survived the Dec. 25-26 blizzard that stranded them along the road to their house, forcing him and his pregnant wife to walk home in -20 wind chills and snowdrifts.
The Sweet Home, Ore., natives had left Samantha Zurcher’s parents’ house earlier that evening, turning west onto 21st Street Northwest as the relentless blizzard was beginning.
“As soon as we got off the highway, we’re in 2 feet of snow and we’re down in the ditch,” Adam said.
The couple’s Range Rover, equipped with hydraulic lifts, was unable to get back on the road, even after 90 minutes of digging by hand, the hydraulics frozen, he added.
Zurcher, 32, then called his father-in-law, Frank Updegrave, who lives north of Watford City. Updegrave drove out to 21st Street without incident, Zurcher said, before turning onto the street and going into the ditch.
“So now he’s behind us about a quarter-mile,” Adam said. “By this time, it’s 7 o’clock, it’s dark, the snow’s coming down hard, we’re all stuck, it’s white-out blizzard.”

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