March 25, 2009

Dinner theater brings laughs with beach musical comedy

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

Tired of the winter snowflakes and cold? Are you ready for some exciting and fun beach action? If so, you’ll enjoy this year’s Watford City High School Masque and Gavel Club’s dinner theater.
The high school thespians have been working hard to get this year’s performance just right. After all, it’s difficult to get into the beach mood when the ground is covered with snow.
On March 26, 27 and 28 in the Watford City High School Gym, the Masque and Gavel Club will be presenting the musical ‘Wipeout’ during their dinner theater production.
Wax up your surfboards, get out your beach blankets and catch the wave of this swell surf musical!
It’s just another sunny day at Avalon Beach until Mom and Pop, Christina Shively and Jeremiah Beard, announce they’re selling their beloved surf shop and teen hangout. The snobbish developers from the nearby ritzy cove want Avalon’s stretch of sand for a parking lot.
Mom and Pop’s daughter Midge, Justine Homiston, and all of the loyal Avalon kids are determined – they’re not going to let it happen!
In an effort to save the beloved surf shop, Riptide, Joel Brown, enters the big surf contest to vie for the grand prize money that will keep the shack’s doors open, but the crowd from the cove will do anything to put the kibosh on Rip winning the prize money, including sabotage. When Riptide breaks his leg in a surfing accident (thanks to the conniving developer’s son Reef, Greg Skurupey,) it’s up to Midge to step onto her Billabong and go up against the big boys.
Pop, a former surfing champion himself, comes through to help his little surfer girl in a sweet surfing cram session that gets all of the kids amped for the big event!
This surf musical – complete with hysterical onstage surfing is sure to take you back to a simpler time when life was keen, music was cool and the world was about to change.
Other members of the cast include Ben Gumke, Kyle Brown, Tillie Alveshere, Bessie Schmitz, Kristen Stenehjem, Karrin Collins, Sibee Jokela, Jenny Rogness, Jayme Johnson, Haley Deserly, Abbey Haugen, Chans Brown, Lexi Sanford, Britney Pederson, Allison Hagen, Bethany Rolfson, Britnee Wisness, Olivia Sundeen, Marti Quale, Katie Wold and Karson Pederson.
Dinner starts at 6:30 with the show to follow. Price of admission is $15.00 (all ages 0-99) for both dinner and the show. Reservations can be made by calling McKenzie County Bank at 444-6411.