May 23, 2017

Efforts explored to recall county officials

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Amidst removal proceedings for McKenzie County’s suspended sheriff, residents here have joined the scrap with petitions for recall and a request for prosecution for other elected officials.
Arnegard Township resident Eric Homer awaits Secretary of State approval to circulate his petition for signatures to recall Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger in a special election.
Homer will also send a letter and petition with signatures to Burgum requesting Schwartzenberger’s removal, he said.
“It’s come down to the point where we have to do what’s right for our county, within our county,” Homer said, adding he will only submit his recall petition if Burgum reinstates the sheriff.
Schwartzenberger’s full removal hearing is set for June 12-14, to continue to July if needed.
Homer added the cost of paying two concurrent salaries to McKenzie County’s suspended and interim sheriffs also figured in his decision. He also said he informed Schwartzenberger of his recall efforts.

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