March 21, 2018

Few candidates filing for local offices

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

With the filing deadline for candidates to have their names on the ballot in the upcoming 2018 elections for city, county, school and state offices set for 4 p.m. on April 9, which is less than two weeks away, it appears that there is a lack of candidates.
As of this week, the vast majority of local offices (city council, school board and park board) have many seats in which there has been no interest in people running.
In the city of Arnegard, which is seeking to elect a mayor, as well as two city council members to four-year terms in June, Juelie Bancroft, city auditor, says that no one has filed for any of these positions. Arnegard also has one four-year seat and one two-year seat open on its Park Board with no candidates stepping forward.
Likewise, Jena Hatter, Alexander city auditor, says that no one has turned in a petition for the two four-year term seats, and the one two-year seat on the city council. Hatter also said that no one has filed a petition yet for the two four-year seats on the city’s Park Board.

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