March 15, 2022

Girl Scout Cookies: The heart behind the hustle

Girl Scout Cookies: The heart behind the hustle

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

If there’s anything people love to debate, it’s which flavor of Girl Scout cookies is the best. But there’s a lot more to Girl Scout cookies than what meets the eye.
“Every single year, I’ve watched my daughter set the bar of what she is aiming toward and that sets the standard of what she wants,” says Chelsea Frenzel, Girl Scouts of America service unit leader.
This year, McKenzie County Girl Scout Troop 10293 has been hustling hard to meet their mark of earning enough money for a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin and the Mall of America in Minneapolis.
“There’s always something which the girls find they’re absolutely infatuated with and that’s what they usually go for,” she says.
Last year, Frenzel says the girls raised $8,700 in ‘take-home’ funds, which they put toward going to a Disney theatre broadway production.
This year, the girls hope to hit their take-home goal of $6,500, which will cover all the expenses needed for  all six girls to go on a supervised trip to Wisconsin.
“A big part of Girl Scouts that a lot of people assume is that it’s very parent-pressured. But the girls get to choose what they put their money in and they have access to these funds all year round,” Frenzel says.

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