March 8, 2023

GoFundMe set up for injured oilfield worker following explosion

Farmer Staff Reports

A man who suffered serious injuries from an oilfield explosion is beginning to recover after being airlifted to a trauma center in the region.
A GoFundMe has been set up to benefit the man injured in an explosion in an oil field in Alexander on Feb. 10. The sister of 40-year-old Travis Ashcraft is coordinating the effort.
Ashcraft suffered critical burns after six saltwater tanks exploded. The GoFundMe page says Ashcraft suffered second- and third-degree burns on his hands, face, and knees, and is being monitored for burn damage to his lungs and eyes.
“Travis is out of surgery, things went very well! Knees will not need any graphing!!!!! Another miracle!” said Rhodes in a GoFundMe page update, “His face was scrubbed and they will continue to watch the central part of his face around his nose, but the rest will heal.”