September 27, 2017

Group would like to see more improvements to fairgrounds

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

On Sept. 19, Morgan Wisness, NDSU Extension agent, was a voice for the local 4-H community. She went before the board of county commissioners to present the plan that she and many others have created for the McKenzie County Fairgrounds.
The proposal included features such as a new indoor arena, a remodel and repurposing of the old 4-H and Homemakers buildings on the property, a remodel of the multi-purpose building, extended parking and other changes geared toward expanding the uses of the fairgrounds.
“One of the comments that I often get when talking about the fairgrounds is that McKenzie County and Watford City have done a great job of expanding and meeting the needs of new people who have come here,” said Wisness. “But, where we are lacking is in meeting the needs of those in agriculture and the people who were here before oilfield revenue - people who were the backbone of McKenzie County for a long time.”

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