November 10, 2010

Hanson chosen as new McKenzie County auditor

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

With Frances Olson retiring as the McKenzie County Auditor, area voters elected Jodi Hayden Hanson as the new McKenzie County Auditor, a position that Olson has held for the past 20 years.
Even though she is entering the office at a very busy time and filling the shoes of someone who has been there for 20 years, Hanson feels that she is up for the task, especially with five years of experience at the McKenzie County Courthouse.
“I don’t have any concerns, I am ready and up for the challenge,” says Hanson. “I feel it is a learning process with any new position a person enters into. I plan to absorb as much information as I can from the current Auditor, Frances Olson, who has done an excellent job. We have many experienced county employees who will also aid in the transition.”
For the past five years, Hanson has been the deputy recorder with an additional experience in the Recorder’s office prior to that.
“I decided to run for County Auditor because I possess the right skills and qualities to perform well in the position,” comments Hanson. “With this position comes the opportunity to work with others to keep the financial structure of the county strong, to work with the public and to meet new people. I have 11 years of experience in the County Recorder’s office and I felt the time was right to work in a different branch of our county government.”
Hanson will receive two months of training before she takes her position in April, 2011.
In other county races, incumbents were able to hold off their challengers, keeping the county Republican.
The State Representative for District 39 will again be Republicans David Drovdal and Keith Kempenich with Drovdal receiving 4.209 votes, Kempenich receiving 4,326 votes and Democratic challenger, Aaron Judkins, receiving 1,529 votes. The State Senator for District 39 will also remain unchanged as Republican Bill Bowman ran unchallenged, receiving 5,276 votes.
The incumbents also came out on top in the McKenzie County Commissioners race with Roger Chinn receiving 1,313 votes and Richard Lawlar, 1,425 votes, while challenger Cameron Arnegard received 834 votes.
In the McKenzie County Auditor’s race, Jodi Hayden Hanson received 1,064 votes to take the position over Sarah A. Billing who received 956 votes.
North Dakota saw one measure pass and another fail. Constitutional Measure No. 1, which would start an oil tax trust fund, received a yes vote by 63.5 percent, even though 60 percent of McKenzie County residents voted no.
Measure No. 2, which would have made fee killing of caged animals illegal, was voted down statewide by 56.6 percent and 70 percent by McKenzie County residents.
Now that all of the votes have been cast and counted, county residents have time to reflect on their choices before the next round of election campaigns begin.