April 8, 2014

Henrikson accused of contract killing

By Stephanie Norman
Farmer Staff Writer

After spending nearly two and a half months behind bars on federal firearm charges in Mandan, N.D., Watford City resident James Terry Henrikson has been called-out by a confidential informant to having ties to the murder of his ex-business partner, Doug Carlile in Spokane, Wash., on Dec. 15, 2013.
Though Henrikson did not physically kill Carlile, he contracted Timothy Suckow, 51, of Spokane, to do the dirty work for $20,000, according to a confidential informant from Spokane who knew both Henrikson and Suckow.
The informant stated that he recruited Suckow for the job on behalf of Henrikson.
Suckow was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Jan. 14, for shooting Carlile to death in his Spokane home. Suckow was linked to the shooting through DNA sampling on a glove left at the scene of the murder.
For months, investigators have been searching for the missing proof to link Henrikson to the murder until this confidential informant, who worked for Henrikson, came forward recently.
According to the informant, Henrikson and Suckow exchanged numerous e-mails regarding the murder, pictures of Carlile and his home, and Henrikson supposedly wrote to Suckow that he wanted Carlile dead, “not just sucking through a straw.”
In the e-mails, Carlile’s home was referred to as “the treasure chest,” and Suckow told Henrikson he had it under surveillance, the informant reported to authorities.
Three hours after Carlile was murdered on Dec. 15, the informant said he received a text from Suckow saying, “Tell the boss to watch the news.”
Detectives are warranted to search the computer found in Suckow’s Dodge Durango, which was supposedly used to share e-mails with Henrikson.
Until further investigation proves Henrikson guilty, he will continue to be held on illegal firearm charges.