March 28, 2018

High school students train for CDL

High school students train for CDL

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

In the downstairs classrooms at Watford City High School, students have the chance to learn real life skills. They can learn how to woodwork, weld, work a 3D printer and learn important agricultural concepts and practices. Now, with the addition of a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) simulator to the school’s equipment, which is on loan from Williston State’s TrainND, students can also learn how to drive a commercial vehicle.
Housed in a small trailer out the back door of the high school, students can sit in what feels like an oversized video game and begin learning the skills of driving a semi truck and a transit bus. Students are able to try their hand at backing up, parallel parking and avoiding obstacles. Drivers can even get in a wreck, shattering the windshield and having to start over.
“Though I could drive a stick shift, I did not know how to drive a semi truck before this year,” said 11th grader Elian Lopez. “Now I’ve learned how to work through the gears and I have also gotten a better perspective of what a lot of people drive daily.”
Scott Wisness, a teacher at Watford City High School, supervises the use of the CDL simulator. He has been very pleased with the reception of the equipment.

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