January 29, 2020

Learning about jobs

Learning about jobs

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Every week, students of Watford City High School have been participating in a Career Series that takes place every Tuesday to get a closer look at what different occupations entail.
“It means more when it is coming from the ‘real world,’ so to speak,” says Rachel Meuchel, Watford City High School counselor on the Career Series.
The Career Series began two years ago as part of an initiative to push for more career education for students, Meuchel says.
“I do think the students enjoy seeing all of these different volunteers, hearing about their work day and probably getting out of the regular classroom one day a week,” Meuchel says.
Every week, around 110 students gather together in the auditorium for 15-20 minutes during their advisory period to hear a guest speaker talk about his or her career.

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