October 21, 2014

Levang named healthcare system’s Woman of Excellence

By Amy Robinson
Farmer Staff Writer

For the second year now, a woman who has distinguished herself with qualities of service and commitment to the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc., has been awarded the ‘Woman of Excellence Award.’ The woman selected for 2014 was Patsy Levang.
Levang, who is the chairman of the MCHS Board of Trustees has been on the board since 1993 and has been the board chairman for the last two to three years.
Levang was raised in Watford City and has always been a part of this community in one facet or another. From being a 4-H leader to sitting on the board of directors for the MCHS, Inc., she has played a role in a great many areas.
“Patsy is someone I’ve leaned on, learned from, worked hand-in-hand with, and has been an inspiration in service to the community,” said Kristin Bolken, executive director of the MCHS Benefit Fund. “If there is a definition of the ‘call of duty’ and going ‘above and beyond,’ it’s Patsy Levang.”
Criteria for being selected for this prestigious award signifies the selected woman will have enhanced, dedicated time, energy and commitment to the MCHS, Inc. community, over multiple decades, by working to increase public awareness and support of the MCHS, Inc. This woman will have also coached, mentored and supported other women within the MCHS, Inc. to develop their skills and life skill development.
“Patsy and I have worked together on projects for more than 30 years,” stated Myra Anderson, president of the MCHS Benefit Fund. “I think the most amazing thing is that Patsy has never lost her enthusiasm for our community and its needs. She makes it delightful to work together with her on community projects.”
The true definition of excellence is ‘to do well, to make something beautiful.’ In following with the creed for the award, Levang is a person who strives for excellence, does not give up and does not avoid the call to service for fear of failure. She makes it her ambition to live out her gifts and talents to the fullest.
She is humble, encourages others, has a willing heart, can lead or follow, is prepared  with spirit for those that oppose, and finally, celebrates great works with teammates. A ‘Woman of Excellence’ is constantly fostering the idea that an excellent heart and an excellent spirit is pleasing to our creator, and that description embodies Patsy Levang.
“She’s respected and accomplished,” says Tricia Sundeen, Connie Wold Wellness Center supervisor. “She’s someone you look up to. She’s someone you’d turn to when you’re trying to figure out something or get something done. She’s always there.”
After receiving her award during the annual Woman’s Day program, Levang expressed her gratitude.
“I am so appreciative,” said Levang. “There are so many people in this room that deserve this far more than I do. Even though I don’t deserve this, I do thank you so much. It is such an honor being a part of a progressive group of people who have a passion for healthcare.”
Levang also shared a personal story about how MCHS has affected her life.
“If it weren’t for McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Levang. “Back in 1997, I had a massive brain hemmorage, and if it weren’t for Dr. Ramage knowing what was going on and getting me the care I needed right away, I wouldn’t be here.”
Levang also wanted to express her appreciation to the community.
“I really appreciate this community,” said Levang. “And the fact that they have had the willingness to get behind what our healthcare represents, is just amazing. This community is willing to do a difficult job to get ‘state-of-the-art’ healthcare here. And we are going to have ‘state-of-the-art’ healthcare.”
Levang lives and farms about 20 miles east of town with her husband, Gary and daughter, Rhaegn. They have another daughter, Margo, who lives with her husband and three children in Minot. And they have a son, Chad, who lives in Houston. He has four children and is currently a Dreamliner pilot.