November 16, 2011

Look out or the Masque & Gavel Drama Club will tie you up

By Lauren Billing
Farmer Staff Writer

What would you do if a train was barreling down the tracks and you were tied down in its path? The ropes burn your skin as you try to wrestle out of this unsavory predicament. But the train keeps coming and you can feel the iron below you shake!
Luckily, instead of actually experiencing how your heart would race and body would sweat, you can just attend this year’s Watford City High School Masque & Gavel Club’s production of “Tied to the Tracks!”
This western melodrama takes place in the small town of Buffalo Bend, Dakota Territory in the 1880s and features a dichotomous cast of the wholesomely good and the terribly bad. Set in the lobby of Melody Hotel, the show is full of singing and dancing and is sure to bring a lot of laughter.
The hero, Sheriff Billy Bold, is in love with the hotel owner, Dakota Melody, but what will he do when the wily outlaw, Prairie Rose, tries to steal his heart? Dakota Melody too finds herself confronted by an evil suitor, Professor Silias Scavenger. What will happen to this young happy couple with so many blackhearts trying to pull them apart?
“This play is a lot of fun and good for all ages,” says Tillie Alveshere, one of the seniors in this year’s production. Tillie plays Cassie, a town member known for her forgery skills. Another of the show’s seniors, Bailey Berquist, is playing the outlaw, Prairie Rose, and says that “Tied to the Tracks” has been her favorite show since she started doing productions with the Masque & Gavel Club. Both Alveshere and Berquist have enjoyed their time working with the drama club. Though they are sad to say goodbye, they hope to continue doing theatre in college.
The Masque & Gavel Club has only been working on the show for a short month, but with so many talented members it promises to be another dynamite show. Cast members include: Jaryn Homiston, Trevor Alveshere, Tori Williams, Tara Loomer, Jeanna Zenz, Joseph Meuchel, Tillie Alveshere, Allison Hagen, Hayley Moe, Sydney Slais, Bethany Rolfson, Kayla Folven, Brittany Jevne, Michael Schulz, Dillon Smith, Reid Brown, Bailey Berquist, Amanda Mogen, and Nick Valenzuela. Break a leg!
Be sure to catch this wildly funny production Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 17 through Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Watford City High School Media Center. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students. Activity cards are also accepted.