October 19, 2011

Missouri Basin Well Service to build headquarters, housing in Watford City

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

Started in 1979 by Jim and Jody Arthaud, Missouri Basin Well Service (MBI) has branched out from a single truck water transportation business in Belfield, N.D., to a huge oil industry business in five states, with offices in Belfield, Ross, and soon, Watford City.
“Jim Arthaud is a great leader, and he’s done a lot at the state level,” states Brent Sanford, Watford City mayor. “It is great to see him investing in Watford City.”
Jeff Kummer of Missouri Basin says that Missouri Basin is a company with local ties, and the company cares about the community.
“Missouri Basin is doing business in Watford City every day, and it has been for the last 30 years,” states Kummer. “Not only that, but it is a company that was started by local people, and is today, still managed by the same people that started the company.”
Therefore, MBI’s goal in building a headquarters in Watford City is a way to take care of the community, as well as a way to better serve its customers.
According to Kummer, McKenzie County has a number of productive wells, and a lot of Missouri Basin’s major customers operate in McKenzie County. So building a headquarters in Watford City would put Missouri Basin Well Service next door to their customers’ operations.
While this will greatly benefit Missouri Basin, how will it benefit the Watford City community?
According to Kummer, Missouri Basin Well Service plans to be in Watford City for a long time, which is why they are investing in a headquarters, not a branch.
“We are building an office and shop to service our equipment,” states Kummer. “Construction of the new office is currently underway and we are hiring for all positions.”
And Chuck Steffan, chief operating officer for MBI, echoes further, “We will be doing all our data processing, processing tickets, and coordinating activities for our McKenzie County business at the Watford City headquarters.”
Because Missouri Basin Well Service plans on staying in Watford City, it will also be building apartment complexes to house their employees.
“MBI is investing in permanent housing solutions for the Watford City community and its employees,” states Kummer.
According to Curt Moen, Watford City city planner, this is great.
“They are taking care of one of the major issues Watford City is having right now - housing,” states Moen.
MBI is currently going through the annexation process for the apartment complex. They hope everything will be completed by the summer of 2012.