September 20, 2016

Most county taxpayers will see little change in taxes

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

After receiving upward to four mailed notices from various county political subdivisions regarding proposed tax increases, taxpayers in Watford City and McKenzie County have been expressing a lot of concern about just how large of a tax increase they can expect this year.
According to Linda Svihovec, McKenzie County auditor, each taxing political entity in the county is required by state law to send taxpayers the mailed notices, as well as to publish the proposed levy increase as a legal notice in the McKenzie County Farmer, the official newspaper of McKenzie County.
But, simply because taxpayers receive such notice, as well as the invitation to attend a public hearing on the proposed levy increase, doesn’t mean that taxes are going up.
“Many people are assuming that because they received the notices that would indicate that there is a cumulative 40 percent increase in the tax levy,” states Svihovec. “But they are wrong in that assumption.”

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