August 22, 2023

North Dakota reached new all-time high with over 18,000 producing wells

By Patrice Bumstead
Farmer Editor

During the month of June, North Dakota saw a record-setting 18,085 actively producing wells according to North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms.
“There has never been over 18,000 in North Dakota before,” he expressed during his monthly Director’s Cut on Aug. 15. “All of the numbers are really good news.”
The state saw an increase in production. “Noticeably, our biggest competitor, New Mexico, actually had a three percent drop in production, whereas North Dakota saw a significant increase of three percent in oil and three percent in gas production,” Helms noted.
Oil production was 17 percent above the revenue forecast with 1,167,301 barrels of crude oil produced per day for a total of 35,019,022 barrels in June.

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