May 10, 2022

Pick Up the Patch to be held on May 22-28

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

For over a decade, Watford City’s efforts to Pick Up the Patch continue to go strong. On May 22 - 28, various companies will grab their employees and venture out to Pick Up the Patch as they clean up McKenzie County.
Beginning Sunday, May 22, local residents are encouraged to join in with the rest of the crew as they gather to grab vests, gloves and trash bags and prepare to help clean the parks and road ditches around Watford City.
“Since we’re now into spring and summer is coming, we’ll have a lot more people traveling to our area. So we try to get everything cleaned out of the ditches once the snow melts, so everything looks nice,” says Kylee Roff, event organizer.
Year after year, Roff says students  from the school and residents from the community have continued to get involved. What has become an annual happening and has been led by Roff for the last five years is something she says was initially spearheaded by Jeff Gronos and Karen Holte.

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