October 30, 2013

Post Office plans for more delivery routes in Watford City

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

The Watford City Post Office has dealt with the expanding community needs as much as any business or entity. After two public input meetings, that have led to the hiring of additional staff and more pay and training for the additional staff, the Post Office is proposing another community meeting on Oct. 30, at 2 p.m. in the lobby of the Watford City Post Office.
“As you know, we are working in Watford City to extend service on our existing delivery routes and to create new routes to accommodate additional growth,” states Pete Nowacki of the United States Postal Service.
The Oct. 30 meeting will discuss possible changes to delivery routes as well as a proposed project of expanding the current Post Office building in Watford City to accommodate additional delivery routes.
“In the last month we have started delivery to 144 apartments and a number of individual boxes on the existing routes,” states Nowacki. “We are also establishing a new route, beginning next week, that will bring even more street delivery service.”
Nowacki states that the hope is for the Post Office’s delivery initiatives in Watford City to bring mail closer to its customers’ residences and businesses. Their goal in doing this is to make receiving the mail more convenient for customers.
“Delivery in town should mean fewer trips to the Post Office for customers,” states Nowacki, “which means fewer wait times in line.”
The topic slated for discussion at Wednesday’s meeting will be the possibility of expanding the current Postal facility.
According to Nowacki, in the near future, the Post Office will hold an organizational meeting to discuss establishing a Consumer Advisory Council in Watford City.
A Consumer Advisory Council works as a forum, where customers share ideas, concerns and suggestions to improve service. Nowacki states that the Post Office tried to hold an informal meeting on Oct. 22, but not many were able to attend. The Post Office will try for a meeting about an advisory council if there seems to be local interest in the idea.
The meeting regarding postal routes and facility expansion will take place at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the lobby of the Watford City Post Office. Postal Service officials will be on hand to receive and discuss community members’ opinions, as well as answer questions and share information.