May 5, 2015

Residents’ credit/debit card information stolen

By Amy Robinson
Farmer Staff Writer

Watford City residents need to be extra cautious when handing over their credit/debit cards for payment of services because a rash of credit/debit cards’ information has recently been stolen in the local area, affecting a large amount of victims in recent days.
“There have been numerous people in town that have reported their credit/debit card information stolen and used,” said Art Walgren, Watford City chief of police. “There are multiple victims in the same local area. Most likely, the person or persons  stealing this information is going to be local.”
The Watford City Police Department believes the most likely place this is occurring is where an individual’s credit or debit card is taken out of the person’s view for even a small amount of time. According to Walgren, there are no specifics as far as who is involved.
“Thousands of dollars have been stolen at this point,” stated Walgren. “We really just want to let people know what is going on so they are aware and we want people to be extra careful with their credit/debit cards.”
The Bureau of Criminal Investigations has since taken the lead on this investigation because of the large amount and range of victims, and the serious nature of what is taking place.