November 22, 2022

Search is on for a person with a ‘Heart of Gold’

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

What does it mean to have a heart of gold? It usually means giving 100 percent of everything you do to help others or devoting your time to helping address a particular issue in the community.
For Lucy Bernas, it was the selfless devotion of her time and efforts to cook and bake for the community that earned her the McKenzie County Farmer’s 2021 ‘Heart of Gold’ award.
In recent years, Bernas has developed a reputation for dropping in and out of local businesses and organizations, delivering heaps of sweets that offer a comforting sense of regularity.
In her continuous efforts to cook not only for local businesses in the community, but also individuals, it has touched the lives of many. Earning Bernas the McKenzie County Farmer’s 2021 ‘Heart of Gold Award’ last year.
And now the search is on to find who in McKenzie County showed their ‘Heart of Gold’ during 2022.

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