February 27, 2019

Setting a new direction for Rough Rider Center

Setting a new direction for Rough Rider Center

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

The Rough Rider Center (RRC) is undergoing a change in energy. In operation for just over two years, staff at the RRC feel like they have begun to get their legs under them. Having taken note of their successes and looked deeply at their growing pains, they are inviting community members to come out and see what is new.
Last fall, Terry Moe was approached by the city to join the RRC staff as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the 268,000 square foot, $100 million building. Considering the job, Moe spent a few months observing the RRC, analyzing what he might bring to the facility.
During that time of observation, Moe struck up conversations with some of the youth that hung out at the RRC. Asking them what the RRC was doing well and where there was room for improvement, Moe said that he got some great responses. His favorite came from a young man who found himself at the RRC several nights a week as he and members of his family participated in various activities.

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