November 22, 2022

The Jackson family loves life in the oil field

The Jackson family  loves life in the oil field

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

Kaylynn and Devin Jackson have lived in many places, but their soon-to-be family of seven feels their true home is Watford City, N.D.
“We love it here,” said Kaylynn, “We may not have been born here or be from here originally, but this is definitely where we consider home.”
The Jacksons grew up in Idaho and met in college at BYU-Idaho. Kaylynn needed  a way to pay for college and she had an uncle who had a business in the Bakken oil field. So, in the time between class semesters, she decided to come to North Dakota and work.
“It was during the boom, and while I had no experience, I was willing to work and they needed a body in a truck,” Kaylynn remembers. “I remember it being so cold and wearing so many layers you couldn’t tell who I was.”
She proudly recounted that she was able to pay for college with the money she made on her work trips in the oil field, and soon she and Devin were married.

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