November 20, 2019

The Power of 100 looks to make a difference

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

What kind of positive things can happen in a community when a group of women come together?
Danielle Johnsen is hoping such a organization would be transformational, which is why she is helping to create a Power of 100 group in Watford City. The group hopes to grow to more than 100 members with each member donating $400 annually to local non-profit charities.
After moving to Watford City from Dickinson a little over a year ago, Johnsen decided to form a group locally.
“They had a group there in Bismarck called the BisMan Power of 100,” says Johnsen.
After stewing on the idea, Johnsen reached out to a woman who was part of the BisMan group.
“I thought it would be really good for the community here - it’s like a national idea,” says Johnsen. “I asked how the BisMan group got started.”
Johnsen then spoke to Jane Hadley to ask if she’d be interested in helping coordinate something along the same line of the BisMan group.

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