December 26, 2018

This class is for the dogs

This class is for the dogs

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

“Woof! My name is Artemis, more commonly referred to as Man’s Best Friend. Because of how well I’ve bonded with my favorite human through essential training techniques I’ve learned, my owner and I created a new program to benefit other pet owners out at the Watford City Veterinary Center.”
And those new classes for dogs needing assistance with anxiety or aggression are now being offered on a daily basis through the Behavioral Health Department of the Watford City Veterinary Center.
“Dr. Bruce Pedersen contacted me and suggested we start something like this,” says dog trainer Hunter Bridgers. “Artemis is the dog I went to school and worked with, so she became the mascot for my company.”
Originally from Austin, Texas, Hunter Bridgers learned very quickly how effective training is for a dog when she witnessed how much more easily a dog was able to get adopted if they attained basic training skills.

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