May 19, 2020

Three county students win poster contest

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Three McKenzie County students have received awards for their creative art submissions that illustrated why they wear their mask in response to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
As Karolin Jappe, McKenzie County emergency manager, orchestrated the fourth grade art competition from start to finish, she says kids have always been her “in” to getting the attention of adults and helping them to learn the importance of something that they may not pay attention to otherwise.
“I was trying to think of different ways to get through to the community and educate adults,” says Jappe. “By getting kids involved, I just thought that would be a heck of a way to put a bug in some adults here.”
As Jappe sent out a quick write-up to the Watford City Intermediate School fourth grade teachers for the “Who Do You Wear Your Mask For” project, she recruited three of the school resource officers (SRO) to be judges of the contestants’ art work.

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