April 15, 2014

Two big races in June primary

By Stephanie Norman
Farmer Staff Writer

More than 45 individuals have stepped up in McKenzie County to run for a variety of county, city and school district positions.
Four men will be running for County Sheriff to fill Sheriff John Fulwider’s shoes. Matthew Johansen of Keene, Christian (CJ) Jones of Arnegard, Gary A. Schwartzenberger of Watford City, and Troy White Owl of Watford City have all submitted petitions, and only two of them will continue with elections after the June 10 primary election .
McKenzie County
Two seats on the board of County Commissioners are open for election and there are five individuals seeking election, which include incumbent Richard Lawlar, along with Vawnita Best, Kent Pedersen, Dan Richmond and Kathy Skarda. Only four of these individuals will continue past the primary election.
After serving seven terms, current Commissioner Roger Chinn will be retiring.
Unchallenged, Linda Svihovec is seeking another term as County Auditor. Jacob Rodenbiker is seeking a full term as County State’s Attorney. Ann M. Johnsrud is running for County Recorder again. For County Treasurer, Cheryl Grantier is running unchallenged as well.
The McKenzie County Farmer will be on the ballot to be the McKenzie County Official Newspaper.
For Watford City City Council, there are three seats open with Aaron Gravos, Philip K. Riely and Steven J. Sanford running. None of them have served the council before.
Mayor Brent Sanford is seeking an additional term, unchallenged.
The Arnegard City Council has three open seats - two four-year terms and one two-year term. Bryan L. Bjornstad, Patrick Brunson, Sherrie Handy-Permenter and Sharon R. Lane are running in the primary elections.
Jeffrey Kindel is running unchallenged for Arnegard Mayor and Sherry Lervick is seeking election as the Arnegard Municipal Judge.
For Alexander City Council, Joey Hackett and Sheldon Wahlstrom are seeking election.
LeAnne Voll, William Carlson, Justin Johnsrud, Allen M. Shelley and Katherine Walters are seeking to fill the three open positions on the Watford City Park Board.
Darlene Faulkner and Joshua Moody are seeking another term on the Arnegard Park Board.
Matt Swanson and Jonathan Tullar are running for the Alexander Park Board.
All city positions are final after the primary election.
School Board
For the McKenzie County School District No. 1, there are four positions up for election, but all four members will be running for an additional term in the same positions with no competition. Those include Pam Ramage, City of Watford City; Heather Wisness, Area 6; Gary Bruins, City or Rural Arnegard; and Beth Veeder, Area 4 and 5.
Alexander Public School District No. 2 has two seats open with Kurt Fixen, Cecile Long, LaShell Mugg Tjeide and Larry Novak seeking election.
At the last minute, Harvey Asbeck, Jeff Bieber, Britt Poulsen and Tyler Tjelde decided to run for election on the Yellowstone School District No. 14 school board. There are three open seats.
All school races are final after the primary election.
David W. Nelson is running unchallenged for Judge of the District Court No. 2 Northwest.
Republican incumbent Bill L. Bowman is running against Democrat Stephanie L. Pretzer for State Senator in Legislative District 39.
For State Representative in Legislative District 39, Republican incumbent Keith Kempenich will be up against Republican Denton B. Zubke, Democrat Greg Tank, and Democrat Maddison Voigt, to fill two positions.