October 16, 2019

Veterans Memorial Park moving along

Veterans Memorial Park moving along

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

What began as a project with a $700,000 budget over six years ago for a new McKenzie County Veterans Memorial Park is now reaching $3.1 million with the hopes of completion by 2021.
“This park all began initially on a bar napkin,” says Jerry Samuelson, McKenzie County Veterans Service officer.
Years later, the vision of a Veterans Memorial Park is closer to becoming a reality. While it’s getting closer and closer to being done, Samuelson says that time is not of the essence.
After the Watford City Park Board recently put the brakes on certain areas of the McKenzie County Veterans Memorial Park’s concept, the process of completion has slowed down some. But it’s not for the wrong reasons.
As the budget has continued to raise, Samuelson says the project has received $800,000 in funding from the county, as well as over $400,000 in private contributions.
“We’re $600,000 shy of the $3.1 million that we need,” says Samuelson.

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