May 12, 2020

Volunteers needed to help Pick Up The Patch

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where residents have the perfect opportunity to help beautify the community of Watford City and McKenzie County during the annual Pick Up The Patch, which will be held from May 18-24. Every year, volunteer groups set out to pick up trash and other litter scattered throughout highway ditches and the community.
“The event itself is different this year, but not in a huge way,” says Kylee Roff, event coordinator. “This year people are being encouraged to limit their groups to 10 people or less.”
According to Roff, there will be no meal provided or a kick-off event prior to or following this year’s Pick Up The Patch like there usually is.
“The biggest change is that our committee isn’t meeting in person like we normally would,” Roff says. “We’re also not having a big pick-up day. And then on Saturday, we usually have an event where we have a big breakfast and everyone grabs their supplies and snacks and then heads out for the day. But we’re not going to do that this year.”

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