March 28, 2018

Water leak damages courthouse

Water leak damages courthouse

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

A ruptured $5 plastic water line that ran from a sink to a coffee maker in the McKenzie County Courthouse is to blame for tens of thousands of dollars in water damage to the county’s district court offices, as well as the closing of the county’s Motor Vehicle Department for over a week.
The flood of water that covered portions of both floors of the courthouse was discovered the morning of Sunday, March 18, by MaLissa Schroeder, grounds and maintenance supervisor, as she made her daily check of the building.
“I saw water outside the front door as I was entering the building,” stated Schroeder. “When I went in I looked in the Motor Vehicle Office, it was like a waterfall.”
According to Schroeder, when she went upstairs to the court’s office, she was greeted by flooded floors and heard the hissing sound of water under pressure from inside the coffee room.

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