May 26, 2015

Watford musician releases new album

By Amy Robinson
Farmer Staff Writer

Watford City-based singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist Jessie Veeder kicked off the celebration of the release of her fourth original studio album Northern Lights by hosting a CD release concert and party on Saturday, May 23, at the Outlaws’ Bar & Grill Ballroom in Watford City.
“This was my first CD Release Party for the whole tour this summer,” said Veeder. “My first CD release for my last album was in Watford City and I really wanted to do my first show in Watford City - my hometown and with the people who have supported me. It was a fun way to kick my tour off.”
Veeder was joined by several members of her band, Outlaw Sippin’ and special guest and friend, Adam Taylor, and Veeder’s dad, Gene Veeder.
“We featured musicians I play with out of Dickinson, some fun guys,” stated Veeder. “We also tried to pull in some local musicians and played all the songs off the new album. It was fun to play these songs and add them to the list.”
Veeder’s new release, Northern Lights, brought her to Nashville to record with Bill Warner, a producer who has worked with artists such as Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Mindy Smith, and Trisha Yearwood, among others. Backed by some of the best players in the industry, Veeder’s skill as a heart-wrenching songwriter soars in the new songs that remain rooted in the stories of the people and landscape of her home in western North Dakota. The release of her new album includes some of Veeder’s best work yet.
“It was such an amazing experience to bring the songs I wrote in my living room or while working on the ranch to Nashville to see how they might transform in the hands of some of the best studio players around,” said Veeder of her experience in Music City. “And they just got it. They understood where the music needed to go, respected the stories and made these songs come to life in the most beautiful way.”
The 12-track album blends rootsy instruments, poignant lyrics, and powerful melodies rooted in Americana, blues, folk, and country influences. Veeder, who is known for bringing musicians together from across the state, has spent the last year playing with the Dickinson, N.D.-based band, Outlaw Sippin’. She credits the band with influencing the more driving tracks on the album.
“The music on this album is quiet when it needs to break your heart and rocking when it needs to bring you to your feet,” says Veeder. “I really think this project has something for everyone and I can’t wait to start playing the songs live.”
“I’m so excited about this project,” said Nashville producer Bill Warner. “Not many songwriters come through the studio that are such skilled lyricists. This project has great potential. I’ll forever be a fan of Jessie’s.”
Veeder has been a symbol of folk music in the Badlands of western North Dakota since she released her first original album when she was only 16 years old.
Since then Veeder has gone on to have a successful career in the music industry, traveling the country with a Nashville booking agency, and recording her second original album A Place to Belong with the Fargo-based label Barking Dog Records in 2005, she brought it all home to record and release Nothing’s Forever, a 2012 effort that features Veeder’s renowned single Boomtown, a homage to the people working to make a living in oil country and a song that put Veeder in the spotlight as a feature in various news programs and national and international documentaries.
Veeder’s summer tour will include CD Release parties in Bismarck, Fargo, and an upcoming concert at Medora’s Burning Hill’s amphitheater on July 18.
In addition to her busy touring schedule, Veeder continues her work as a weekly columnist for statewide newspapers and on her popular blog “Meanwhile, back at the ranch...” where she chronicles life in western North Dakota with stories, photos, and humor.
Northern Lights can be purchased at local retail stores or online on iTunes, CD Baby, or at