September 22, 2015

Watford Police arrest man with homemade bomb

By Amy Robinson
Farmer Staff Writer

A routine traffic stop by Dylan Bostic, a Watford City Police Department detective, on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 12, turned out to be anything but routine.
After stopping a black 1995 Chevy Silverado with North Dakota license plates, Bostic located what appeared to be a homemade explosive device. According to the court documents, Bostic observed that the item was wrapped in electrical tape. He cut the tape open and located a homemade explosive surrounded by ball bearings. Bostic believed this item to be a dangerous weapon.
 During the traffic stop, Joshua Saffold, 34, of North Carolina, gave Bostic a false name of Jacob Garrett, and the passenger of the truck, Jessica Garrett, 31, also gave Bostic a false name of Tara Silvers. After being detained, both individuals informed Bostic that they had lied to him about their names.
When Bostic detained Garrett, he conducted a search of her person. During this search, Bostic located a small clear plastic container bearing residue of suspected methamphetamine. Bostic then conducted a NARC test on the substance and it tested positive for methamphetamine. Also located on Garrett was six unidentified pills.
During a probable cause search of the vehicle, in addition to the explosive device found, synthetic urine and digital scales were also located within the vehicle. Bostic stated that through his training and experience, he recognized that the scales were common for the illegal transaction of a controlled substance.
Saffold and Garrett were placed under arrest and transported to the McKenzie County Jail. While at the jail, Saffold informed Bostic that the explosive device and the urine belonged to him.
On Sept. 13, the bomb squad from Minot came to Watford City to dispose of the explosive device. During the investigation of the explosive, Bostic was informed that the homemade device had a hobby fuse leading to a substance believed to be gun powder. Bostic stated that when the explosive was disposed of, he could detect the distinct odor of burnt gun powder in the air.
Saffold has been charged with Possession or Sale of Machine Guns, Automatic Rifle, Silencer, Bomb - a Class C Felony, False Information to Law Enforcement - a Class A Misdemeanor, Fraudulent Practice in Urine Testing - a Class A Misdemeanor, and Unlawful Use of Plates - a Class B Misdemeanor. Saffold’s bond has been set at $5,000 cash or corporate surety. On Sept. 17, Saffold filled out an application to be appointed an attorney for his defense. A Preliminary Hearing and/or Arraignment has been set for Nov. 5, at 8:30 a.m., with Judge El-Dweek presiding. If convicted, Saffold could face up to seven years in prison.
Garrett has been charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - a Class C Felony, and False Reports to Law Enforcement or Other Security Officials - a Class A Misdemeanor. Her bond was set at $1,500 cash or corporate surety. Garrett also filled out an application for appointed defense services on Sept. 17. A Preliminary Hearing and/or Arraignment has been set for Oct. 22, at 8:30 a.m., with Judge Schmidt presiding.