February 2, 2021

W.C.H.S. student wins writing award

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

“I was like, what the heck, she didn’t even tell me that she won,” says Jolene Woodbury, Watford City High School AP English literature teacher.
If there’s anyone that knows about making silent moves that produce loud results, it’s Sumaiyah Alyadumi, a Watford City High School senior, who recently won the 2021 Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Award on Jan. 14.
“Kids can submit a piece of their choice for different categories,” Woodbury says.
As Alyadumi was awarded for her work in the flash fiction category, it was her fifth consecutive year to be an award recipient of the country’s longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition program for creative students in grades 7 - 12.
While nothing has changed when it comes to Alyadumi’s winning streak,  this year, she became one of the students to attend class virtually since W.C.H.S. offered it as an option following the COVID-19 pandemic last year.
“Some kids sit back a little more online, but it’s clear to see that she still wants to engage in being part of the atmosphere,” Woodbury says.

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