December 20, 2017

Working the holiday shift

Working the holiday shift

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

Christmas Day is a time to spend with family, but not for everyone. Though a lot of businesses close on Christmas, to give workers holiday and family time, some things just cannot shut down.
McKenzie County Healthcare Systems (MCHS) hospital and Good Shepherd Home are two good examples. Though the medical profession never takes a break, that will not stop those who have to work this Christmas from making the most out of the day.
“If you work in the medical field, you know you are going to have to work on holidays,” states Cheryl Faulkner, director of Nursing for MCHS hospital. “It is just part of the job.”
Faulkner says that she does her best to divide shifts between those who want to work because they do not have family in town, and those who maybe do not want to work but got the last holiday off. Regardless of how someone got the shift, Faulkner says they do all sorts of things to make the day as fun as it can be.

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