April 29, 2014

Girls golf team opens season

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

With a young group of girls out for golf, Kelli Taylor, Wolves’ head coach, is looking forward to seeing how the team progresses.
“This year we have three varsity golfers in seniors Jordan Sparby and Sydney Slais and junior Kasi Sorenson,” states Taylor. “We lost one varsity golfer due to an injury which leaves us one person short to make a team.”
But in spite of the lack of varsity players, Taylor is already looking at her junior high golfers to move up as the season progresses.
“We have nine junior high girls out for golf who are very eager to get out on the course,” states Taylor. “Once they get more experience I will bring up the top three junior high golfers to make  a full six-person varsity team.”
During their first meet of the season at Hazen, Jordan Sparby scored a 109, while Kasi Sorenson carded a 125.
Last Friday, at New Town, Sparby placed fourth with a score of 92, Slais placed sixth with a score of 95 and Sorenson placed seventh with a score of 96.
“When we have a full team, we will be very competitive with the other teams in our region,” states Taylor.