September 16, 2009

Spikers take 5th at own invitational

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

The Watford City varsity girls volleyball team had a busy week as they took on Tioga and New Town in dual action this past week before hosting an invitational tournament on Saturday.
In dual action, the Wolves fell to Tioga 3-1 on Tuesday before coming back to beat New Town 3-0 on Thursday. The Wolves then capped off the week’s play taking fifth place in the gold division of the Watford City Invitational Tournament on Saturday.
The Wolves will be on the road this week as they travel to Beulah on Thursday and then to Ray on Tuesday.

Tioga 3, Watford City 1

Watford City had no answer for the hard-hitting Tioga last Tuesday as the Wolves fell to the Pirates 3-1.
Tioga won the first game 25-7 with Watford City coming back to take the second game 25-23. Tioga then closed out the match winning the third and fourth games by scores of 25-8 and 25-18.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: Justine Homiston, 3; Marti Quale, 2; Jayme Johnson, 2.
Kills: Karson Pederson, 5; Quale, 4; Ashli Foli, 4; Dani Bates, 3; McKayla Haugeberg, 3; Homiston, 1; Johnson, 1.
Assists: Quale, 11; Brianna Allex, 3; Homiston, 1; Bates, 1.
Blocks: Charlie Hystad, 1.
Digs: Quale, 9; Olivia Sundeen, 7; Homiston, 5; Foli, 4; Bates, 3; Sierra Perdue, 3; Haugeberg, 3; Allex, 2; Hystad, 1.

Watford City 3, New Town 0
Watford City shut out New Town on Thursday in varsity action as the Wolves swept the Eagles in three quick games by scores of 25-22, 25-16 and 25-7.
Karson Pederson had a big night for the Wolves as she had nine sevice aces, while Dani Bates had six kills.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: Karson Pederson, 9; Justine Homiston, 5; Olivia Sundeen, 2; Dani Bates, 2; Marti Quale, 1; Sierra Perdue, 1; Brianna Allex, 1.
Kills: Bates, 6; Pederson, 5; Quale, 3; Homiston, 3; Perdue, 3; McKayla Haugeberg, 2; Charlie Hystad, 2; Ashli Foli, 1.
Assists: Perdue, 5; Bates, 1; Allex, 1.
Digs: Sundeen, 5; Perdue, 4; Quale, 3; Foli, 1; Homiston, 1; Bates, 1.

Watford City Invitational Tournament
Watford City took fifth place in the Watford City Invitational Tournament on Saturday defeating Richardton-Taylor 2-1.
In the consolation championship game, the Wolves defeated the Raiders 25-20 in the first game before losing the second game 27-25. The Wolves came back to win the third game of the match 15-13.
The Wolves opened the tournament defeating Powers Lake 25-22 and 25-21 and Bowman 25-8 and 25-21 in pool play to advance to the gold division of the tournament.
In tournament action, the Wolves fell to New England 25-13 and 25-15 before defeating Bowman 25-18 and 25-21 to advance to the consolation championship title.
Cumulative tournament individual statistics for Watford City were as follows:
Aces: Marti Quale, 11; Olivia Sundeen, 5; Sierra Perdue, 5; Justine Homiston, 3; McKayla Haugeberg, 3; Charlie Hystad, 2; Karson Pederson, 1; Brianna Allex, 1.
Kills: Pederson, 22; Ashli Foli, 17; Dani Bates, 14; Homiston, 11; Perdue, 7; Quale, 6; Allex, 5; Hystad, 5; Haugeberg, 1.
Assists: Quale, 22; Perdue, 8; Allex, 2; Bates, 1; Haugeberg, 1; Hystad, 1.
Blocks: Bates, 3; Foli, 1; Pederson, 1; Allex, 1.
Digs: Quale, 25; Bates, 22; Sundeen, 14; Perdue, 14; Haugeberg, 7; Homiston, 6; Foli, 5; Allex, 4; Pederson, 3; Hystad, 3; Jayme Johnson, 1.