February 23, 2021

Watford boys have a shot at WDA Tourney

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

While the Watford City boys varsity basketball team has not won a game this season, it is still possible for them to make the WDA Tournament according to Dave Gumke, Wolves head coach.
According to Gumke, the Wolves will have a play-in game this week. But who they play will be determined after the final regular season game against Williston, which was played on Tuesday, Feb. 16.
“Right now we are the 11th seed so we would play the No. 6 team,” stated Gumke. “If we would beat the No. 6 team, we would take their place in the bracket.”
But Gumke says that if the Wolves beat Williston by four or more points, they would move to the No. 10 seed and then play the No. 7 team in the play-in game.
This past week, the Wolves dropped two games as they fell to Minot, 112-45, and to Jamestown, 88-26.

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