April 21, 2010

Watford track teams continue to improve

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

With two weeks of competition under their belts, Watford City’s track teams are starting to see the benefits of their hard trainings as athletes are starting to shave time off their running events while competitors in the field events are seeing improvements for their efforts.
This past week, the Wolves competed in the Bowman and Watford City meets with the boys team winning at Bowman with 105 points and taking second in Watford City with 87 points. In the girls division, Watford City took fifth at Bowman with 74 points and then first in Watford City.
Tyler Flatland was the first Watford City athlete to qualify for State so far this season as he qualified in the 110 and 300 meter hurdles at the Bowman Meet, while the boys 1,600 meter relay team turned in a State-qualifying run at the Watford City Meet.
“This season is turning into an interesting season,” stated Greg Brown, girls’ head coach. “ The girls are working hard and getting better with each meet that we go to. We have seen a lot of the teams in the state during the last three meets and we seem to be competing very well.”
Likewise, Dave Gumke, boys’ head coach is pleased with the way things are going so far this season.
“We had great performances out of the whole team,” notes Gumke. “Tyler Flatland qualified for both hurdle races and we have some other events that are close to qualifying.”
Gumke also noted that so far this season he has been trying some kids in different events.
“The goal of trying out different kids in different events is so by the end of the season we have our athletes in the right events to be the most successful that they and the team can be,” stated Gumke.
This week, the Wolves will be competing in the Hazen Track Meet on Saturday.
Bowman Invitational
Boys Division

300 Meter Hurdles: Tyler Flatland, 2nd, 42.04 (SQ); Jason Shipman, 4th, 45.24.
3200 Meter Relay: Watford City (Hayes Feilmeier, Colter Brown, Nathan Stoker, Jake Thomas), 4th, 10:15.24.
100 Meter Dash: Josh Johnson, 4th, 11.84.
800 Meter Relay: Watford City (Tyler Bates, Jason Shipman, Tyler Flatland, Adam Brenna), 2nd, 1:35.94.
1,600 Meter Run: Hayes Feilmeier, 3rd, 5:12.54.
400 Meter Relay: Watford City (Nolan Kalberer, Adam Brenna, Tyler Bates, Josh Johnson), 2nd, 46.84.
400 Meter Dash: Curtis Lohse, 6th, 57.12; Cole Rolfsrud, 7th, 58.74.
110 Meter Hurdles: Tyler Flatland, 2nd, 16.24 (SQ); Jason Shipman, 3rd, 16.64.
800 Meter Run: Adam Brenna, 1st, 2:09.44.
200 Meter Dash: Jason Shipman, 7th, 25.34.
3,200 Meter Run:  Hayes Feilmeier, 2nd, 11:40.24.
1,600 Meter Relay: Watford City (Josh Johnson, Tyler Bates, Tyler Flatland, Adam Brenna), 1st, 3:41.94.
Girls Division
300 Meter Hurdles: Marti Quale, 5th, 52.94; Brianna Allex, 7th, 54.34.
3,200 Meter Relay: (Tara Loomer, Kristen Stenehjem, Stephanie Deutsch, Kade Ross), 1st, 10:47.14.
800 Meter Relay: Watford City (Brianna Allex, Dani Bates, Uranna Bascom, Kade Ross), 5th, 1:57.84.
1,600 Meter Run: Stephanie Deutsch, 4th, 6:13.04; Kristen Stenehjem, 5th, 6:14.14.
400 Meter Relay: Watford City (Marti Quale, Dani Bates, Brandi Garmann, McKayla Haugeberg), 4th, 55.74.
100 Meter Hurdles: Marti Quale, 2nd, 17.94; Brianna Allex, 5th, 18.74.
800 Meter Run: Kade Ross, 3rd, 2:36.04; Kristen Stenehjem, 8th, 2:48.34.
1600 Meter Relay: Watford City (Marti Quale, Stephanie Deutsch, Brianna Allex, Kade Ross), 5th, 4:39.94.
Javelin: McKayla Haugeberg,  3rd, 89’10”.
Long Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 2nd, 15’3”.
Pole Vault: McKayla Haugeberg, 3rd, 8’0”; Dani Bates, 4th, 7’6”.
Watford City Invitational
Boys Division

110 Meter Hurdles: Tyler Flatland, 1st, 16.08; Jason Shipman, 2nd, 16.18.
100 Meter Dash: Tyler Bates, 4th, 11.68.
400 Meter Dash: Adam Brenna, 1st, 53.24; Cole Rolfsrud, 8th, 57.65.
800 Meter Run: Tyler Flatland, 4th, 2:19.94.
800 Meter  Relay: Watford City (Sean Walker, Curtis Lohse, Brice Brenno, Cole Rolfsrud), 5th, 1:45.70.
400 Meter Relay: Watford City (Curtis Lohse, Adam Brenna, Tyler Bates, Josh Johnson), 1st, 47.21.
1,600 Meter Relay: Watford City (Tyler Bates, Curtis Lohse, Tyler Flatland, Adam Brenna), 1st, 3:35.49  (SQ).
Long Jump: Curtis Lohse, 6th, 17’3”; Sean Walker, 7th, 16’10”; Brice Brenno, 8th, 16’5.5”.
High Jump: Tyler Bates, 7th, 5’0”; Sean Walker, 8th, 5’0”.
Triple Jump: Cole Rolfsrud, 4th, 34’11”; Sean Walker, 5th, 34’7.5”; Brice Brenno, 6th, 33’2”.
Girls Division
300 Meter Hurdles: Marti Quale, 1st, 49.67; Brianna Allex, 4th, 51.85.
1600 Meter Run: Sibee Jokela, 4th, 6:12.97.
400 Meter  Dash: Stephanie Deutsch, 5th, 1:07.22.
100 Meter  Hurdles: Marti Quale, 2nd, 17.46; Brianna Allex, 4th, 18.16.
800 Meter  Run: Kade Ross, 1st, 2:35.52; Sibee Jokela, 6th, 2:48.16.
400 Meter  Relay: Watford City (Kara Langerud, Dani Bates, Peyton Martin, McKayla Haugeberg), 1st, 54.51.
1600 Meter  Relay: Watford City (Kara Langerud, Stephanie Deutsch, Sibee Jokela, Kade Ross), 3rd, 4:38.22.
Long Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 15’3.5”.
Javelin: McKayla Haugeberg, 3rd, 88’8”.
Pole Vault: McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 8’0”; Dani Bates, 5th, 7’0”.