May 24, 2016

Wolves send 22 to State Track

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

The Watford City varsity girls track team ran away from the competition as the Wolves won the Northwest Region Track Meet in Minot on Saturday, while the Watford City varsity boys team came in with a second place finish.
Ricki Lindley paced the girls team with first place finishes in the 400 meter dash, as well as in the long jump and triple jump. Lindley set a new W.C.H.S. record in the long jump on Saturday with a leap of 18’6.5”.
Also winning region crowns for the girls was Asha Smith in the 800 meter and 1,600 meter runs, Kaitlyn Nokes in the high jump and Mikka Haugeberg in the pole vault.
The Wolves girls team also won the 1,600 and 3,200 meter relays to round out a great day on the track.
“It was another great outing for the Wolves girls track team,” stated Greg Brown, girls head coach. “We had a great day and ended up qualifying 12 athletes for the State Track Meet.”
Not to be outdone by the girls team, the Watford City varsity boys also had a great showing at the Northwest Region Meet claiming region championships in five events.
Claiming region titles for the boys team was Connor Dennis in the 110 meter hurdles, Cole McGorman in the high jump, Braedon Gumke in the pole vault, and Carter Zenz in the long jump. In addition, the boys 1,600 meter relay team won first place.
“We had a great day despite the windy conditions,” stated Dave Gumke, boys head coach. “It was fun to watch them perform the way that they did. I was very proud of the effort that all of the guys gave.”
Watford City will now be advancing 12 girls and 10 boys to the State Class B Track Meet in Bismarck this Friday and Saturday.
“My biggest problem as a coach, is to place my athletes into the four events that they are qualified in,” stated Brown. “We have many excellent athletes and our future is looking good in the upcoming years.”

Northwest Region Meet - Varsity Girls
100 Meter Dash: 5. Bridget Allex, 13.78; 6. Ashleigh Voll, 13.85; 7. Morgan Franz, 13.87.
200 Meter Dash: 5. Morgan Franz, 28.62.
400 Meter Dash: 1. Ricki Lindley, 1:04.04 (SQ).
800 Meter Run: 1. Asha Smith, 2:22.73 (SQ); 2. Kayla Ogle, 2:30.94  (SQ).
1,600 Meter Run: 1. Asha Smith, 5:22.95 (SQ); 2. Kayla Ogle, 5:37.25 (SQ).
100 Meter Hurdles: 2. Bridget Allex, 16.96 (SQ); 3. Kaitlyn Nokes, 17.84 (SQ); 5. Sydney Sanford, 18.27; 6. Ashley Holen, 18.35; 7. Morgan Franz, 18.47.
300 Meter Hurdles: 2. Kaitlyn Nokes, 51.15 (SQ); 6. Sydney Sanford, 53.56.
400 Meter Relay: 2. (Mikka Haugeberg, Ashleigh Voll, Bridget Allex, Lindsay Peterson),  54.28 (SQ).
800 Meter Relay: 3. (Mikka Haugeberg, Morgan Rolfsrud, Bridget Allex, Lindsay Peterson), 1:57.37 (SQ).
1,600 Meter Relay: 1. (Ricki Lindley, Kayla Ogle, Mikka Haugeberg, Asha Smith), 4:21.24 (SQ).
3,200 Meter Relay: 1. (Morgan Rolfsrud, Kayla Ogle, Hayley Ogle, Asha Smith), 10:07.54 (SQ).
High Jump: 1. Kaitlyn Nokes, 4’11” (SQ); 3. Tia McGorman, 4’9” (SQ); 4. Kirsten Rutkowski, 4’5”.
Pole Vault: 1. Mikka Haugeberg, 10’0” (SQ).
Long Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 18’6.5”, W.C.H.S. School Record (SQ); 5. Kaitlyn Nokes, 15’0”; 6. Brooke Mogen, 14’10.5”.
Triple Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 37’3” (SQ); 3. Ashley Holen, 30’11.5” (SQ).
Shot Put: 4. Dakota Anne Sipe, 28’5”.
Discus: 6. Dakota Anne Sipe, 79’4”.
Javelin: 4. Sydney Faller, 92’6.5”.
Northwest Region Meet - Varsity Boys
200 Meter Dash: 6. Keegan Kaczmar, 24.32.
400 Meter Dash: 4. Keegan Kaczmar, 55.69.
800 Meter Run: 3. Kyle Cook, 2:09.24 (SQ).
1,600 Meter Run: 6. Raehs Puetz, 5:00.53.
3,200 Meter Run: 4. Raehs Puetz, 11:12.97; 6. Braedon Gumke, 11:27.46.
110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Connor Dennis, 15.37 (SQ); 3. Rait Elliot, 15.49 (SQ); 5. Cole McGorman, 16.24 (SQ).
300 Meter Hurdles: 2. Carter Zenz, 43.05 (SQ); 4. Rait Elliot, 45.19.
400 Meter Relay: 2. (Carter Zenz, Rait Elliot, Kyle Cook, Connor Dennis), 46.89 (SQ).
800 Meter Relay: 4. (Connor Dennis, Rait Elliot, Cole McGorman, Robert Trotter), 1:41.25.
1,600 Meter Relay: 1. (Kyle Cook, Carter Zenz, Keegan Kaczmar, Connor Dennis) 3:40.38 (SQ).
3,200 Meter Relay: 3. (Raehs Puetz, Braedon Gumke, Keegan Kaczmar, Kyle Cook), 8:58.08 (SQ).
High Jump: 1. Cole McGorman, 6’0” (SQ); 7. Hunter Schwartzenberger, 5’4”; 8. Javyen McGorman, 5’4”.
Pole Vault: 1. Braedon Gumke, 11’0” (SQ); 2. Devin Schmitz, 9’0” (SQ).
Long Jump: 1. Carter Zenz, 20’8.5” (SQ).
Triple Jump: 6. Cole McGorman, 38’3.5”.
Discus: 2. Jackson Faller, 119’11” (SQ).
Javelin: 4. Tim Peterson, 116’6”.